Mentorship Smash

From: $375.00 / month

This is for anyone who wants the absolute best chance of success, or wants to take their trading to the next level.

You will get everything included in the Account Building Plan, Plus these:


  • Custom guidance on developing your risk profile. I will even define it for you, if you wish, after gathering all the necessary in formation 
  • I will help you define your weekly, monthly and yearly goals. With action items, score card and accountability
  • I will help you build your go to setup list (A list), define it, track it, refine it, until we find exactly what works best for you.
  • Schedule on on one sessions with smash where you can ask anything you want. At least one a week
  • If you do a quick trade recap video of any trades you want Smash to review and post on you tube private, Smash will record a trade review video for you and provide feed back on your trades. If you keep the recaps under 5 minutes you can do this daily.
  • Also if Smash’s one on one schedule is booked and you need some questions answered, do a quick video and post on you tube. Smash will get your questions answered asap and post a private video response
  • Pre market commentary, screen share and the morning trading will all be recorded daily and posted in the member section for your review. Never miss the action or the best lessons again. 
  • All risk increases are based on your goals and ability to earn them. 


  • Learn how to read level 2, level 3, DOM, Matrix, bookmap and gain a huge edge. Learn how to read the tape and understand volume profile, divergence and imbalance. Learn how to find ice berg orders and how to follow the big money.
  • If you use Trade Station, I will share my desktops, workstations, custom indicators and some of my automated strategies with you.


  • Every session, everyday, from pre market plan until I’m done trading for the morning, will be recorded and posted on site in the Mentor program Live trading video blog
  • I spend the last hour of screen share daily (11-12pm EST), answering any questions anyone has, you guys get priority.
  • All one on one sessions, Trade reviews or Vidoe Responses you get from Smash are recorded and posted privately on my Vimeo for you to review at will
  • Be part of “Behind the Trades” a weekly Q&A and open forum where we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly trades. Recorded and posted
  • The first one on one session will be on building your risk profile and answering any questions you may have after watching the videos. Smash will give you as much guidance as you need developing this core tool for consistent trading profits

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