Mentorship Smash

From: $375.00 / month

This is for anyone who wants the absolute best chance of success, or wants to take their trading to the next level.

You will get everything included in the Account Building Plan, Plus these:


  • Custom guidance on developing your risk profile. I will even define it for you, if you wish, after gathering all the necessary in formation 
  • I will help you define your weekly, monthly and yearly goals. With action items, score card and accountability
  • I will help you build your go to setup list (A list), define it, track it, refine it, until we find exactly what works best for you.
  • Private voice channel where we will have meetings weekly to discuss trades and score cards in a group setting with all mentor members. All recorded and posted on site for members to review on there own time
  • We will follow up with private conversations afterwards if you need too.
  • Pre market commentary, screen share and the morning trading will all be recorded daily and posted in the member section for your review. Never miss the action or the best lessons again. 
  • All risk increases are based on your goals and ability to earn them. 


  • Learn how to read level 2, level 3, DOM, Matrix, bookmap and gain a huge edge. Learn how to read the tape and understand volume profile, divergence and imbalance. Learn how to find ice berg orders and how to follow the big money.
  • If you use Trade Station, I will share my desktops, workstations, custom indicators and some of my automated strategies with you.


  • Coming soon-Q&A forum that will be archived so all questions and answers will be available to all mentor and future mentor program members.


  • Every session, everyday, from pre market plan until I’m done trading for the morning, will be recorded and posted on site in the Mentor program video channel
  • Q&A webinar, three days a week,  will be recorded and added to the Mentor program video channel
  • Be part of “Behind the Trades” a weekly Q&A and open forum where we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly trades. Recorded and posted
  • Every one on one session you have with Smash, will be recorded shared with you only, for review at your convenience
  • Defining your risk profile. Where Smash goes into great detail on how to use the risk profile template to create your own with an example of a high risk profile

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