Account Building

From: $150.00 / month

Best for anyone in the first year or two of trading or anyone that is struggling to find consistency. 

Video Library

  • Library is organized by, The Basics, Setups, Account Building and Video Blogs, where you will learn all the following and more
    • No two accounts are the same just like no 2 people are the same. Learn how to develop your risk profile to match your goals.
    • Defining your risk profile. Where Smash goes into great detail on how to use the risk profile template to create your own, with an example of a high risk profile
    • Trading system videos explaining my trading system with all the rules of engagement and focus on how to build your own that suites your personality
    • Detailed explanation of additional setups that are geared for account growth. Meaning higher win rates and less risk, for both stocks and options trades.
    • Detailed options strategies geared for account growth. Learn how to cap your risk while staying open for unlimited upside using options
    • Pre and Post Earnings options and stock strategies, with low risk and high reward. Perfect for building any size account
    • How to hedge your investment stock positions selling options
    • Learn how to trade Vertical Spreads, Covered Calls and Puts, Iron Buttery and Condor and more
    • How to be long and short a stock at the same time and make money on both sides.
    • How to successfully track progress with goals, milestones and grading.
    • Build your A list through tracking and grading. Only trading what is working for you
    • Live Trading Commentary and screen share recorded daily and posted once a week for account building members
    • Every Wednesday at 11 am EST Q&A webinar. Ask me anything, webinars during the live action gives us a chance to discuss tape reading and other things that are best learned by live action
  • The Basics
    •  15 videos covering supply and demand, small caps, Large caps, Fundamentals, Working around a core postion.
    • Gap strategies, Including pre and post earnings stock and options strategies
  • Setup Specific Video
    • 11 videos covering 35 setups with detailed entry and exit triggers
  • Account Building
    • Core General Trading Concepts
      • 15 videos
    • Options Simplified
      • 4 videos
    • Simple Option Trading Concepts
      • 9 videos
    • Advanced Option Trading Concepts
      • 4 videos
    • Swing Trading Options and investing
      • 5 videos
    • Setting up Trading Platforms
      • 2 videos
    • Tape reading Lessons
      • 3 videos and adding as i record good tape lessons with live action on the screen share
    • Video Blogs
      • Live Trading- 100s of videos – screen share recording posted daily for mentor program members, every Wednesday for account building members
      • Behind The Trades – over 50 videos – The recording of the weekly Behind the Trades webinar posted every wednesday
      • The Week Ahead – over 30 videos – I do my market analysis and explain how and why i do everything. I cover any weekly setups i plan to take. I cover all my favorite tickers.
      • Trade Plans – 1 video – Just started this series 6-3-19. I go over my exact trade plan with long and short side. Entries, targets, stops, strikes, expiration on any ticker i think is about to make a big move. Recorded the day before I plan to trade the ticker. I will do an outcome video after and recap the trade. These will be post at random whenever i find a ticker about to make a big move.


  • Private Chat Room
  • You will have preferred access to Smash


  • Watch over Smash’s shoulder while he trades
  • Hang out with Smash and ask him questions as he goes over his watch list and game plan for the day as well as his take on market sentiment and how news and events may affect the days action

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